The Beat Bank (temporary site)

The Beat Bank is an independent record label featuring various styles of avant-garde electronic and urban music, emphasizing in fusions of styles.

It was founded in 1995 by Lional [Brother El] Freeman, initially as a music production and recording studio. As the talent pool grew and the catalogue of unreleased material accumulated due to the lack of proper business representation in the Chicago Hip Hop scene, The Beat Bank developed into a full service record label. A number of its releases have received critical acclaim, including Brother El's "Through the Cracks of Concrete." The label now houses artists such as: Path [Butch Brown], Larry Miller, Willie Jade, SPO [Hood Camanchee], NOVI, and Brother El.

Currently, The Beat Bank is bridging the Hip Hop and Electronic Music scenes with its most recent act and production duo "Makers of Sense", while reviving Chicago Hip Hop legends with its collaborative group "Bare Witness".